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Life can be difficult following bereavement

So much can change after the death of a loved one.

We might miss them and the life we had before. We might be struggling with overwhelming emotions and unanswered questions. We might be facing practical and financial changes. For those who have identified as Christians, we might be facing a crisis of faith. We might be lonely, angry, depressed, heartbroken, anxious, sad, feeling guilty, unable to sleep, eating too much or too little, confused, despairing, fearful of the future…

If this sounds familiar or part of your experience, then the Living with Loss project is here to help. Click on the links for further information.

Events and activities

Living with Loss retreats and supportive events that you can attend

Current retreat programme – find out where and when

Online “grief companion” training: support others in their grief

Inviting Abi May as a guest speaker

Read about grief: living with loss

Grief and its aftermath – a short description

A Valley Journal blog: Articles on various topics, including personal experiences, resources and ideas for coping with grief. This blog is frequently updated.

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The Living with Loss project is a member of the National Bereavement Alliance

The Living with Loss project is led by Abi May Рa retreat leader, speaker, an educator, a doubly-bereaved mother, and author. Read about me here

The Living with Loss project is founded and run by myself, Abi May and until recently, the main assistance has been from my husband John. Now Esther Birtwistle (formerly of Lee Abbey) is assisting in the running of retreats, workshops and day events.

Now that our project is expanding we do need more support! You can support our work here – (external link to GoFundMe page). Any donations, large and small, are most welcome.

Abi (left) with Kate Bottley after being filmed for BBC Songs of Praise, broadcast 15 January 2023
We each experience grief in different ways, but we also have much in common